Imagine if you will, parking your car out in the mountains to hit the trails for a few hours and coming back to see a massive amount of damage to your car with a note attached saying that a moose was seen going crazy and attacking your car. Well, that REALLY happened in Boulder County and the attack was caught on video.

Luckily the person recording the video didn't feel the wrath of the angry moose, according to 9 News. This incident happened to Jake Wheeler's vehicle on the Switzerland Trail in Boulder County.

The note had been left by a gentleman by the name of Chris Devlin, who happened to drive by as a moose was crashing his antlers against the side of Wheeler’s car. (Apparently the moose was not a big fan of Mercedes'?)

He stopped and began honking in an attempt to try to get the moose to quit but that just seemed to make the moose want to go towards him and his car so...he stopped. Good call, Chris!

YouTube/Next 9 News

An estimate he received put the damage at $3,200. Insurance will cover it, minus the $750 deductible.

Just a friendly reminder that if you ever see a moose out and about on an adventure to be extremely cautious. These animals are HUGE and despite their slow movements can pick up some speed and be extremely dangerous when angered.

If you see a moose:

1. Remain calm and speak calmly

2. Don't scream or throw things at the moose

3. Give the moose at least 50 feet of space

For more moose safety tips, click HERE.

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