‘Shout at the Devil’ or ‘Scream at the Valet’? Motley Crue‘s Vince Neil is happy to do either, as shown by a new video obtained by TMZ.

The clip, reportedly filmed last week at the Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, shows Neil in the throes of a loud tantrum, repeatedly screaming “Give me my f—ing car!” at a group of parking attendants while banging on the window of their booth.

According to TMZ, Neil’s troubles stemmed from the fact that he lost his ticket — or, as he put it at one point in the video, “they didn’t give me a f—ing ticket” — and without proof, attendants were unwilling to release his car.

“Call the police!” screamed Neil at one point, and the attendants eventually obliged, but by the time they showed up, Neil was apparently already gone, and the parking company declined to press charges. No word on what ultimately happened to the Rolls-Royce that initially fueled the singer’s rage, but either way, we’re sure he isn’t hurting for wheels.

Watch the video below — keeping in mind, of course, that Neil’s language is decidedly NSFW.

Watch Vince Neil’s Parking Lot Tirade

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