Von Miller was all over the news earlier this week for his April Fools Day prank, in which he teased fans that he'd been traded to Cleveland, but now a much more serious story has surfaced involving the Broncos linebacker, which has landed him in a bit of hot water.

While on a recent fishing trip in Florida with friends, Miller happened to reel in an enormous 9 1/2 foot hammerhead shark, just off the coast of Miami. The capture came as a complete surprise, as the group was not purposely fishing for sharks. Miller had originally posted a video of the catch, as well as a photo of him holding the bloody shark by its tail on his Instagram page, however both have since been removed.

Apparently, it is illegal to capture hammerhead sharks in Florida waters, and upon PETA bringing awareness of the situation to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, an investigation has now been launched. Miller claims that he was on a guided fishing trip, and that they threw the shark back into the water, so it's unclear yet if he, or anyone else in the group actually committed any sort of violation. If the shark is found dead though, meaning it was killed illegally, punishment will likely ensue.

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