This week we held our special radio station golf tournament at Ptarmigan Country Club and had quite the time with our golfers showing off their trick shots. Some made us nervous while others were downright hilarious, but we picked our favorites and put together a little video to show them off. Luckily no windows were broken, and no one left the course in the meat wagon!

Now we need everyone's help to decide which one you think is the best and the deserving winner of our "Trick Shot" contest. Just watch the quick video below, and make sure the watch for the names of each trick shot in the bottom right hand corner. When you're all done vote for the best one in the poll below. Voting ends July 31st at midnight; everyone gets one vote every 24 hours and the winner gets $1,000 in free advertising from Townsquare Media!

*Note: Townsquare Media Employee's entries are not eligible to win the contest.*

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