With Adele's new album 25 going on sale, you kind of figured that someone would try to pull a prank on the internet. However, it's hard to believe that people fell for this one. According to The Next Web, a little Photoshopping and a twitter account, led to the internet believing that Adele's album "Sold Out" on iTunes. I'll let you marinate in that for a moment........ Digital album sales of 25 were "Sold Out." Get it?

That right, there were people who actualy believed that digital piece of media, could be sold out, like hard copies, better knows a CD's. Thankfully, reality is that if you want a digital copy of Adele, or any other artist, there is no such thing as a "digital media shortage." By the way, Adele's 25 has already topped 110 of 119 countries where you can buy music on iTunes.

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