Everybody loves Adele. Even dogs! Watch how 'Rev' tears it up- signing along to one of her songs!

I saw this in the Reporter-Herald on Friday, and was stunned that over 3 million people knew of 'Rev' but not me. Especially, when I came to find out that Rev sings "To Make You Feel My Love"--  That is one of my top favorite Billy Joel songs! And honestly, I don't think I knew that Adele sang a version of the Bob Dylan- penned love song.

Rev's owner is big fan of the song, and would sing it to his young puppy.  After a while, Rev got to really know the song, and started howling along to it!  I don't know if a dog has ever gotten a Grammy, but he sure would have a shot at it-  WATCH:-

Rev has gotten over 3.5 million views! That's a lot. But, nowhere NEAR Adele's actual video. 64 Million and climbing!

You may have even hear Garth Brooks sing "To Make You Feel My Love"... but my favorite version is Billy's--

Get more on Rev's story from The Reporter-Herald!

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