Skydiving looks incredibly fun, but if you're afraid of heights, or jumping out of an airplane in general, this Colorado business helps you "fly" without having to actually fly.

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Skydiving Simulation In Colorado

If you've ever been to a Denver Broncos game, you've likely seen those skydivers coming down in Mile High Stadium. Wait, sorry, I mean Empower Field at Mile High. Anyway, those jumpers look like they're having the time of their lives, and at some point, you may have said "that looks fun, I wanna do that." I've said it, but there's a zero percent chance you'll ever see me jumping out of an airplane. I'm not a heights guy to start, and I just don't think I could work up the courage to take that kind of leap of faith from that high in the sky. I don't even like that giant swing at Elitches, freaks me out. That all said, what if you could go skydiving without ever having to leave the ground? Now we're talking.

Indoor Skydiving At iFly In Denver, Colorado

  iFly is a company in Colorado, with locations in Denver and in Colorado Springs, that gives you a simulated feeling of the free fall you would experience if you actually jumped out of a plane. How do they create it? Giant fans and physics. Simple, right? Watch this video below to see how it all works.

 iFly Denver Indoor Skydiving Video




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You get suited up just as you would if you were jumping out of a plane, minus the parachute, go through a brief "training session," and you're off. Each flight looks to be about 1 minute and the average cost per flight is between $30-$40 so it's way cheaper than skydiving as well. And well, you never have to worry about your parachute not opening so there's that too. iFly's website has all the info on your flight and can help get you booked. Happy "flying!"

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