My daughter's birthday list. Pretty simple. She thought it out. I wasn't sure what "water beads" were, but she described it like a craft, so I assumed I'd be all in. These little balls of joy get tons of positive reviews on Amazon. So, for $8 I bought two different sizes of water beads, which promised to be tons of fun and grow to one thousand times their size after several hours soaking in water.

Fast forward to a few hours after we started soaking. "I think we're going to need a bigger container". A few hours later, repeat that. Oh man, they took over, there were so many of them. In this video you are only seeing what was left after I threw out about 60% of them, because I was afraid they would accidentally spill and my tombstone would end up reading "died trying to get every last bit of water bead out of her grout and off the floor." These are fun, but pretty intense, messy, bouncy, breakable, wet, weird, etc. Some people put these in the bath, but don't let them go down the drain. Also, florist use them in vases.

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