A story came out recently that only 42% of the 5.75 million Colorado residents were actually born here, effectively putting Colorado natives in the minority of people from here versus from somewhere else. Not surprising, given the amount of people you meet that only just moved here over the last handful of years.

Simply put, Colorado is well known for its gorgeous scenery, its healthy lifestyle and some of the most epic skiing and snowboarding in the world. And with the real estate boom of the last several years, it has been a wise place to purchase a home from an investment standpoint as well.

It's no wonder so many people can't wait to get out of their home state and come here. So, where are all these people from exactly? The most recent US Census data tells us the number of current Colorado residents born in each of the other 49 states, Puerto Rico and/or a foreign country.

What percentage of Colorado residents are actually Californians? How about Texans? How about from Ohio, New York or Pennsylvania? Some of the numbers might surprise you.

Number of People Born in Each State That Now Live in Colorado

According to the most recent data from the US Census, these are the places Colorado residents actually came from originally.

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