Police have arrested a Weld County man and woman on suspicion of dealing heroin, prescription drugs, and methamphetamine, according to The Greeley Tribune

The arrest took place around 11:30 p.m. on January 5, when deputies from the Weld County Sheriff's Office pulled over a black Nissan Xterra for having expired license plates on I-25 near Del Camino.

Police identified the driver as 36-year-old Amy Lynn Newmeyer from her driver's license, which had been canceled.

The passenger would not reveal his name, but was later identified as 36-year-old Charles Joseph Larkin, Jr. via national criminal databases.

Officers discovered that Larkin was not allowed to contact Newmeyer due to an active protection order, and arrested the duo on suspicion of violating a protection order, which is a misdemeanor.

A short time later, police found scales, pipes, syringes, pills, a bag of crystals, and other drug paraphernalia in their vehicle.

The crystals, which were the size of golf balls and weighed over 8 ounces, tested positive for meth. Officers determined the pills were Benzodiazepine and Oxycontin.

Newmeyer is currently in Weld County Jail on felony drug charges and on a misdemeanor charge for violating a protection order. Her bond is $50,000.

Larkin is also in Weld County Jail for the same charges. His bond is $100,000. He will appear in Weld District Court on Thursday (January 16) for an advisement hearing.

Newmeyer's hearing will take place on January 22.


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