Weld County Commissioners have approved the installation of new multi-way stops at seven Weld County intersections. These intersections include:

  • 16th St and Fern Ave
  • CR22 and CR41
  • CR32 and CR39
  • CR44 and CR43
  • CR44 and CR39
  • CR54 and CR47
  • CR8 and CR37.

Each of these intersections currently have a traffic control device (meaning they have a stop sign or yield sign in place), but due to increased traffic are in need of additional stop signs.

The Weld County Department of Public Works conducts a county-wide Hazard Elimination Study every year, with this year’s study finding these seven intersections to be “hotspots” for high levels of traffic and resulting above average accident counts. The Department of Public Works suggested to the Board of Commissioners these “hotspots” receive multi-way stops to account for this increase in traffic and to reduce the possibility of accidents.

Multi-way traffic stops were chosen for these intersections because they can be installed quickly to control traffic and can be used to determine areas where further traffic control is needed. These stops are intended to help drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists determine right-of-way at an intersection.

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