*Please, don't say EDM. Please, don't say EDM. Please, don't say EDM.* 

OK, it could be EDM, I guess. It has a huge following in Colorado, which you could have guessed I am not a part of.

Ethan Miller/Raphael Dias, Getty Images

Ultimately, one of the awesome things about our state is that the music scene is so eclectic. You got your glow stick-wielding kids at Red Rocks for electronic festivals, the mountain climbing hippies and their granola folk, and east of I-25, the country boys love, you know, their trucks, guns and country music.

Not to mention, Denver is home to a thriving alternative scene -- and artists like Nathaniel Rateliff, The Lumineers and The Fray.

But, which type is our favorite?

Busbud.com did a study at the end of 2015 to find out which kinds of bands played most in each state, and indie rock bands dominated Colorado's concert lineup, naming indie/folk our state's most popular genre.

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You know, I was sure it would have been country... but I guess not. Check it out for yourself on Busbud.com and click on the infographic below to see the full map.