From all the freshly harvested squash, zucchini and other hand-picked veggies I've been seeing lately, it seems like this has been a really great summer for those growing plants and edibles in their gardens. But it's the Gardens on Spring Creek that has people wondering what in the heck they put into the ground that sprouted such a massive growth? Measuring in at nearly four feet, it sort of looks like a cucumber or zucchini, but the 'baseball bat' gourd, as they're calling it, has actually been determined to be a cucuzzi. They planted the heirloom Italian gourd from seed, and typically they only stretch to two or three feet, but this one is already way bigger than that. The Gardens say that these gourds are edible, but the flavor is best when they are harvested at 10-12 inches.

If you want to check it out for yourself, it can be found hanging on the trellis archway in the Friendship Growing Garden.

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