Weird times we're living here, very weird times. I probably don't need to tell you that, but in this particular case, it's super bizarre and kind of crazy to wrap my head around.

This has been a record-breaking year and fall for us here in Northern Colorado, and all along the Front Range for that matter. We haven't had a measurable snowfall in 230+ days and are currently mired in a severe drought in pretty much our entire state.

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The fact that we're in December and haven't had any measurable snow is weird, but not as weird as this:

Blizzard warnings and snowstorms hitting the mountains of Hawaii.

While that does happen because some of their tallest summits on the Big Island are pretty close to 13,000 feet, it's still Hawaii and we have little or nothing at all here in Colorado for the time being. That being said, there are some storms expected to drop some pretty significant snowfall up in the mountains in the next week.

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