I've recently moved into a new house, and my updated commute to work takes me along Carpenter Road in Fort Collins.

When I near the pond past the Timberline Road light on my drive, something begins to smell. At first, I wondered: "Is something wrong with my car? Is there a stray Arby's curly fry rotting under my seat?"

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After noting that my car does not stink elsewhere and conducting a thorough fry inspection, I determined the issue lies with Carpenter Road. But what is that smell?!

I took to my handy-dandy Nextdoor app to find the answer. One kind neighbor told me to leave town if I didn't like it (thanks, Mary), but another offered some sage wisdom:

It's because of the heat and algae from Duck Lake across from the sewer plant. It gets this way every year.

Ah, so the pond that is actually Duck Lake (or Goose Sh## Pond!!, according to another neighbor) is the culprit. I decided to do more research.

In 2019, 9News confirmed my neighbor's theory: low oxygen levels caused the algae in Duck Lake to decompose, leaving a putrid scent. The odor appears unrelated to the adjacent South Fort Collins Sanitation District.

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At the time, the City of Fort Collins proposed numerous solutions to fix Duck Lake's stank. I haven't been able to find any updates on the proposals' success — but clearly, the lake still reeks.

Thankfully, the stench only lasts for about a minute. Still, I'm going to invest in an air freshener.

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