Loveland's own Harrington Arts Alliance (HAA) is putting on "Rocky Horror Picture Show" at the Lincoln Center August 5-7th.

With a cast of about 30 individuals HAA Executive Director, Brittany Grim, told "Tuned In to NoCo" that it's sure to be a great time.

"So the show is wild for sure. It's the movie - ya know everyone knows the cult classic.  My goal as the director was to pay tribute to what the movie was but also do our own spin on it...I really like to do shows that push the envelope and this one definitely does. It's been a blast. The show is really, really fun — It's definitely a wild ride"

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Actor, Elliot Harrington, who is playing Riff Raff in HAA's "Rocky Horror Picture Show," says he saw Colorado State University's version of the show and just knew he had to audition.

"CSU's show was so fun and engaging and I just had a blast as an audience member. So, I knew I wanted to be on the stage and be Riff Raff. The show is just so fun and classic. It's been such a great time with all the dancing and character work — I've just had a blast this summer."

HAA serves about 450 students every year — 60 percent are at-risk youth and Grim says they don't just teach acting.

"It's all things theater. We have costume design. We have set design. They write their own skits and do singing, dancing and acting."

HAA hosts summer camps and produces between 12-15 shows a year. Grim says these programs help kids grow both on and off the stage.

"We see so many kids that come in the first day of camp or the first rehearsal of a show and they are super quiet and timid. Then by the end of camp or the end of the performances, they have blossomed and opened up."

To get tickets to "Rocky Horror Picture Show" click here.

To learn more about HAA, how to be a cast member or how to donate/sponsor click here.

To listen to the full interview check out the link below.

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