From skiing, snowboarding, and fat biking, Coloradans are all about taking full advantage of winter sports on the mountain slopes – and now a new hobby for snow lovers is sweeping the nation. 

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Snowfeet are basically the shortest mini skis on the market, although they're actually more like snow skates or ski skates. Snowfeet can be used on and off the slopes, and can take you places that aren't always accessible by skis or snowboard. Only consisting of the pair that riders strap into, Snowfeet are the cheapest of all winter sports, and are super light and easy to carry around too.

The story of how Snowfeet were invented is explained on the website as a man who accidentally forgot his skis at home one day, so tried to go down the mountain in his slippers instead. To his surprise, it worked pretty well and he actually preferred it over skiing.Thus, Snowfeet were created. The inventors are even trying to get this new winter sport to become an official Olympic event. From the video, it looks super fun...wonder if we'll see more and more people at Colorado resorts starting to use them?

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