When you're lucky enough to live in Wyoming, the sights you're able to see will blow your mind. Especially when it comes to the vast amount of wildlife.

If you're lucky enough to be in areas where wildlife interaction is a regular occurrence, you know how great it really is.

Mike Eastman is one of those guys that is a 5th generation Wyomingite that has experienced much of that wildlife interaction. Mike is the man, the myth, the legend behind Eastmans' Hunting Journal back in 1987. Throughout his life, he's been part of the incredible outdoor industry in Wyoming. His show Eastman Hunting TV was on the Outdoor Channel, he's written books, been an outdoor guide and has taken many videos and pictures as a wildlife photographer.

Over time, Mike has had the opportunity to see many rare wildlife moments and that includes many big battles that animals have during rut. I mean, if you think about how infatuated with UFC, Boxing and other types of fighting we all love, the best may actually be the battles and fights between animals.

When the rut hits, it's game on. Brothers, cousins, nephews or best friends are NOT of limits when the chance to battle over dominance arises.

Over 10 years, Mike has had a chance to capture some of these battles between Wyoming bighorn sheep. Mike does a great job of not only highlighting the fights, but explaining the reasoning behind the fights and how the rams keep from getting hurt on some of the intense crashes and how sometimes it doesn't turn out good for some of them.

Wyoming Game and Fish Outdoor Expo 2022

The Wyoming Outdoor Expo was a fantastic opportunity for families to experience the outdoor world.

A Historic Hike To Wyoming's Outlaw Cave

The drive into the canyon is quite the beautiful drive. It's not too far from Kaycee, but you'll need a vehicle with good clearance and suspension. When you arrive to the Outlaw Cave Campground, you're mind is blown from the size of the canyon. The drive and hike are worth every minute spent on the road to get there.

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