The housing market is and has been absolutely bonkers over the past few years in terms of how much they're appreciating and how expensive living has become in general.

Rents are even higher and as the cost of living just continues to rise and tighten its grip on so many people's bank accounts, ours included.

For many people, especially first-time homeowners, it's become pretty much impossible to get into a house unless you have a massive savings account ready to go with that 20% minimum down payment to get a somewhat decent interest rate. And don't even get me started on those right now.

They're not perfect, mainly because you'll probably have to downsize a lot. Unless you're a big-time minimalist, in which case these could be the perfect housing option for you.

In a place where housing is bonkers, this even has me thinking about downsizing and living as simply as possible.

Think about how much you could do with a mortgage/rent payment of between $200-$300. That would be all sorts of awesome. Now, the plumbing, electrical, and stuff like that are way above my head, so I'm not sure how easy that would be able to come about but that's something that obviously can be figured out and done right?

And you thought there wasn't any affordable housing in Colorado?

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