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There's just something about a small town, ya know? I grew up in a tiny town with a population of about 1,200 people. It's a nice feeling to be seen. Everyone pretty much knew everyone by name or face in my hometown. It was a unique blessing in most ways. Although, everyone pretty much knew everyone's business too.

The charm remains the same.

Most small towns that I've been to, my hometown included, are rich in history. Because the population hasn't skyrocketed, that means big, fancy amenities haven't popped up either. Much of the same buildings and features of the town have remained intact. The most modern thing in my hometown was a Subway. Everything else was locally owned businesses that had taken over storefronts and restaurants that had been there for decades.

The feel of walking through history is one of the reasons why I love to at least drive through the historic downtowns of places I'm visiting.

Now, since the Internet loves to find the best and worst of everything, we have found a list of the Best Small Towns in Every State from Insider. Growing up in California, I was a little disappointed that they didn't choose my hometown as the best small town, but that's OK. When you come from a small town, you're OK with not having a bunch of fuss around you because that only attracts more tourists.

Crested Butte is the best small town in Colorado.

Aside from obvious reasons very similar to what I spoke about above, they selected Crested Butte for its beauty. They made sure to mention all of the flowers you'll find here and stated its the Wildflower Capital of Colorado. Although Crested Butte is great for snow activities in the winter, they suggested you visit in the summer months to see the flowers. And they specifically said July for the Wildflower Festival.

Have you been? Will you be planning a trip soon?

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