On the evening of January 9th, I walked into a Grand Junction grocery store and was shocked to see the price of eggs had gone way up as compared to the price before the holidays. I saw two prices. $10.99 and $7.99.

When I asked around, I thought it was strange that nobody was reporting a similar price. Everyone was saying something different. It's like stores are changing the prices by the hour depending on stock. I'd love to be standing there when they change the sticker price.

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How Much Are Eggs Going For In Grand Junction?

I was shopping on Monday evening (January 9th) at a store in Grand Junction on Horizon Drive. The price of eggs at 5 pm that evening included $10.99 for organic eggs and $7.99 for regular eggs. Check out the slides in the photo gallery below to see the prices that others have paid in Grand Junction. Funny thing is, none of these prices are the same. Do you notice the stores changing the prices on these items daily? What about hourly?

Why Are Eggs So Expensive in Colorado?

Many of the major news networks are talking about bird flu as the cause of the price increases. CNN wants to tell you the bird population all over the world has just been decimated by bird flu and we just have to pay $10 for eggs now. Colorado would also probably prefer you don't remember the state pushed to change the laws that require egg producers to switch to an all-cage-free environment for hens by 2025. That's also having an effect.

Will the Price Come Back Down Like The Gasoline Game?

Consumer data shows eggs are up 50% compared to last year. The U.S. Department of Agriculture says the number of eggs being shipped is slowly going up, however, new shipments only bring the price down about .20 cents from week to week. How many shipments will get the price back down to under two dollars? It won't happen this year.

These 10 Items are All Cheaper Than Eggs in Colorado

The price of eggs has gone through the roof in western Colorado and in most other places around the country this time of year. The highest price for eggs I've seen in Grand Junction is $7.99 and $10.99. How much is the cost of eggs where you shop? First, we asked you to help us with a price check.

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