When you think of the city of Fort Collins, you automatically think of the logo for CSU and the image of "Cam the Ram" wandering around a football game.

So maybe you would instantly think that the perfect mascot for the city would be a "RAM" then, correct?

Well, that's why I am here to make you think of other options that could represent the city well. When you choose a mascot for something, it needs to be something that people connect with and instantly makes you think of the brand it is representing.

So forget having a ram as our mascot for Fort Collins, as I think these five possibilities could fit the bill even better and would instantly make us think of the city.

What do you think of these options?


  • 1

    Clarence the Construction Cone

    With all the construction going on in the city currently, I'd like to welcome you to choice number one when it comes to our official Fort Collins mascot..."Clarence the Construction Cone".

    What a great ambassador he would be when it comes to marketing materials that Fort Collins spends money on. And he has the perfect slogan! "Welcome to Fort Collins. It may take you 30 minutes to get from one end of Harmony to another, but we'll keep you awake with 10 different coffee shops along the way"!

    You know your kids will love it when Clarence stops by their school to spread bright orange cheer, so why not have him as your choice?

    Credit: NikolayN/Thinkstock
    Credit: NikolayN/Thinkstock
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    Cathleen the Coffee Cup

    "When drowsiness starts to set in, Cathleen the Coffee Cup will be there to pep you up". That could be one slogan for this mascot.

    Another possibility could be, "when you're looking for a pick me up, let Cathleen the Coffee Cup show you around the city".

    Either way, Cathleen the Coffee Cup would be a good representation for a city that has over 30 different options to get your brew.

    Credit: Gizelka/Thinkstock
    Credit: Gizelka/Thinkstock
  • 3

    Beer Google Gary

    Honestly, I could see many pieces of literature sent out nationwide with the picture of "Beer Goggle Gary" on the front of it promoting the city. Nationwide, we are called the "Napa Valley of Beer", this makes complete sense.

    How's this for a slogan...

    "After a night out on the town, Beer Goggle Gary will be by your side. But make sure he doesn't lead you astray, and gets you to enjoy every aspect of the city. Not just the regretful ones."

    That has a nice ring to it.

    Piotr Marcinski
    Piotr Marcinski
  • 4

    Timmy the Downtown Train

    He's the evil cousin of that lovable train on PBS that your kids love, but every city needs a little mischief. Not everyone is perfect. Right?

    The slogan that Timmy the Downtown Train can use?

    "You may want to get your beauty sleep at night, but Timmy is here to keep you awake and restless so you can enjoy the stars above the city! Doesn't matter if it's midnight or 4 AM, Timmy will be there when you least know it"!

    He could even use this as a slogan...

    "Hey it's Timmy the Downtown Train! Here in Fort Collins, we like all of our visitors to reflect and look at everything surrounding them. That's why I make sure I get you 30 minutes at a railroad crossing three times a day to enjoy the Fort Collins beauty"!

    That second one may be best.

    Credit: hxdyl/Thinkstock
    Credit: hxdyl/Thinkstock
  • 5

    Paulie the Prairie Dog

    You can go to many parts of the city and see these cute creatures poking there heads out of holes located on still undeveloped plots of land in Fort Collins. And since these plots of land are now becoming few and far between, why not honor these adorable but disease carrying animals with them becoming our city mascot?

    The slogan for marketing materials? "Hey it's Paulie the Prairie Dog! I've called Fort Collins home for many years, and you should as well. Well, I'm calling Fort Collins home until they evacuate us to another home to build a new coffee shop. But you'll love me and my friends here in Fort Collins. Just don't get too close to me. I carry the plague."

    Sounds appealing...doesn't it?


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