Owner and Master Popper, Dylan Forward, has been popping popcorn for most of his life. Forward started when he was eleven years old and he's been doing so ever since. In 2013, Dylan Forward started Kettle Head Popcorn in Denver out of a garage after moving from Cleveland, Ohio.

Kettle Head Popcorn
Kettle Head Popcorn

Bags of Kettle Head Popcorn could be found at the South Pearl Farmers Market in Denver. Today you can still find Kettle Head Popcorn at that very same market and now a few other locations in the Mile High City.

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A Google search for Hatch Green Chile products led me to find Kettle Head Popcorn, which appears to be one of the only Colorado-based companies making green chile popcorn.  The more I looked at the flavors from Kettle Head Popcorn, the hungrier I got.

I am on a mission this weekend to go down to Denver just to buy a bag of Green Chile popcorn.

I spoke with Dylan Forward about Kettle Head Popcorn and he told me that one of the most popular flavors that his three-person team at Kettle Head offers is the Denver Cheddar popcorn. The fan favorite takes a play on two varieties of popcorn. Caramel and cheddar. Except Kettle Head Popcorn does it a bit differently. The base popcorn starts with sweet kettle corn and is then dusted with cheddar. This method makes sure you get the sweetness of the kettle corn and the savory punch of cheddar in every single kernel.

Kettle Head Popcorn
Kettle Head Popcorn

Think about it. The way that Kettle Head makes this style of popcorn is pretty genius. I love the combination of caramel and cheddar popcorn. However, sometimes you are left with a handful of one flavor or the other. The Jalapeno Cheddar flavor is made in the same way, but with a little kick of spice.

Kettle Head Popcorn currently has 16 flavors to choose from. It doesn't matter if you enjoy sweet, salty, spicy, or the trifecta of the three. According to Kettle Head Popcorn, there is only one place you will find this popcorn in Northern Colorado. That place is going to be at Crooked Stave in Fort Collins.

A Denver Popcorn Company Offers 16 Tasty Flavors

Find a flavor you like? You can find Kettle Head Popcorn at three Denver farmers' markets.

  • South Pearl Farmers Market
  • Central Park Farmers Market
  • City Park Farmers Market

See all of the flavors at Kettle Head Popcorn.

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