It was a long bumpy and frequently headline-making path to get there, but Aerosmith will return this fall with the ‘Music From Another Dimension’ album.


The group quarreled first over Steven Tyler‘s prescription drug relapse and subsequent rehab, then over his decision to join American Idol, but along the way they managed to smooth over their differences and finally complete a new record.

Tyler announced his exit from American Idol earlier this week, and he told the Boston Globe, “We’re a band that started out in an apartment together, so if someone goes off and does something [that annoys everyone], I understand it. I didn’t quite get it back then. We worked together, and I was off making a ton of money and being on TV and I wasn’t with the band. And I even felt that in my heart. I felt it.”

However, Tom Hamilton credits the complete band decision to work with producer Jerry Douglas as the first step in mending some of the fences. The bassist adds, “What created an atmosphere of real possibility for an entire album’s worth of material getting done [was bringing in Douglas], because we basically learned how to make records with this guy.”

Douglas says that this was definitely a full band album, adding that drummer Joey Kramer, guitarist Brad Whitford, and Hamilton all were responsible for tracks that made the disc, as opposed to the Steven Tyler-Joe Perry team taking over the full release.

Hamilton says that while there’s still an amount of dysfunction, it definitely works for the group, to which Tyler adds, “Of course we all wish it was easier, but the thing with this is we’ve got to do it all together. It’s got to be an all or nothing and that’s been the fight all along, and I’m not sure if there is any other way.” The vocalist says whether it’s him, Joe Perry or anyone in the band, they all feel they have something to prove and it’s those opinions that may not only lead to arguments, but also a better record.

Fans will get to find out in full when Aerosmith’s ‘Music From Another Dimension‘ album arrives Nov. 6.

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