When you've written enough great songs to warrant a prestigious ASCAP Founders Award for composing, you might expect them all to run together. Yet, for Aerosmith, the moment of inspiration for 'Walk This Way' continues to resonate.

The band was performing at the HRC Arena in Honolulu, in the depth of their drug-fueled fame in the 1970s, and Steven Tyler was anxiously awaiting the hook up for his next fix. Frustrated with the time it was taking, he wandered over to where Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry was playing a riff, time and again.

That was the beginning of "Walk this Way."

"So he is up there alone, onstage playing this riff over and over," Tyler tells Spinner. "He's just all by himself, so I sit down behind the drums and I start playing and the rest is history. There are just a lot of moments like that. You don't expect it and it just happens."

'Walk this Way' would become the second single from 1975's 'Toys in the Attic,' peaking at No. 10. The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers honored Tyler and Perry during their 30th annual Pop Music Awards last week in Los Angeles.

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