For his fourth studio album in the past 15 years, Julian Lennon has enlisted the talent of Aerosmith's Steven Tyler to help him launch his first single, 'Someday'. While the pairing might surprise some, perhaps Tyler felt the need to repay the favor to Lennon after the latter contributed to Aerosmith's most recent studio album, 'Music From Another Dimension!'

Lennon's new record, 'Everything Changes (Music From Another Room)' drops on June 15. However, you can hear the Tyler-backed 'Someday' below. Even without the direct melodic and lyrical lift of the Beatles' 'Baby You're A Rich Man' in the opening line, the track is a relatively solid pop song.

While Lennon will never achieve the level of success that his father John Lennon found with the Beatles, Julian has nonetheless had some degree of success over the last 30 years. His 1984 debut record 'Valotte' had two Top 10 singles, the title track and 'Too Late For Goodbyes'.

Since 1998, Lennon has devoted himself to non-musical pursuits, namely charitable and humanitarian causes. In 2007, he produced a documentary called 'Whaledreamers' and founded the White Feather Foundation. He is also an accomplished photographer.

Watch the Video for 'Someday' by Julian Lennon with Steven Tyler

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