UPDATE: According to the Coloradoan -- this story, which is all over the web, is not fully true... They report that the US Forest service is seeking a property management company, not a caretaker. See the full story here. Yes, it was too good to be true.

OK, maybe it's time for a career change after all. The US Forest Service is hiring, and the benefits include a rent-free stay in a Colorado cabin that most would seriously have to shell out for.


Sure, your current gig may have an awesome dental plan, but -- a cabin in the gorgeous San Juan Mountains in Colorado? (Like Ralph Lauren, just... at tad way more rugged.)

*Turns in two weeks and packs thermals*

How great would it be to live unplugged and off the grid for a while? The US Forest Service is looking for someone to man (or woman) two historic cabins; the log cabin Mancos Guard Station and the cottage-in-the-woods Glade Guard Station, equipped with wood stoves and a hell of a lot of charm [photos].

What's the catch? Oh, right, this is a job, not a vacay. Here's the nitty gritty.

According to Travel + Leisure, the job description states that 'person or persons living in the cabins must take care of all waste and garbage management, maintain the home and all utilities, ensure the grounds around the home are up to code, and oversee all vacation rentals of the home.'

Silverton Mountain
San Juan Mountains  Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

So, essentially you're like a caretaker -- not too shabby. If I'm being honest this sounds like a romantic movie waiting to happen. Or a horror movie. Anyway, was there something mentioned about 'clearing campsites and focusing on wildlife mitigation?'

Mitigation...eh? Yeah, according to Apartment Therapy, you should probably not be too afraid of wildlife, or bugs. Mountain lions and coyotes and bears -- oh, my.

Travel + Leisure reports that this is a two-year position, at minimum, and if you're really good at it, you might even make some extra money. The application is due on Friday, October 27, so that gives you a little time to read through this novel of an application process.

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