This is a fun and creative way to take a stand against bullying. A local author who was shaken by the bully-driven suicide of a young Fort Collins girl is asking for you to be an active hero. You are being asked to braid your hair and post the picture on social media with the statement "If you're being bullied I've got your back!" The idea is similar to the wildly successful "ice bucket challenge" that went around last year. Challenge your friends to braid and post. Guys, could braid their beards or be creative.


Shaken by the bully-driven suicide of an eleven year old Ft. Collins girl, Northern Colorado author Harrison Hand is sending Skyler Tortuga, the lead character in his recently released fantasy series novel, into the real world to fight for those who are bullied.

Skyler, who gets special power from intricate braids woven into her long hair, is using that power to help weave a social media safety net for the bullied. It's called the "Skyler Tortuga Braid Brigade Challenge".

The first step is to braid your hair and take a picture of it. (If your hair's too short to braid, take a picture of yourself with a friend who has a braid.)

The second step is to post the picture on your social media with the statement: "If you're being bullied, I've got your back!"

The third step is to challenge your friends to join you in forming your own tight-knit network that's part of the larger community supporting each other in helping bullied friends and family.

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