Two Cheyenne residents are facing federal charges after allegedly kidnapping a woman, taking her to Colorado and shooting at her.

According to a criminal complaint filed today (Wednesday) with the U.S. District Court of Wyoming, the victim (M.M.) was at 4421 E. 6th Street in Cheyenne on the night of Sept. 1, when Ashley Gonzales found photos of the exterior of the residence on her phone.

Gonzales and others began questioning M.M. about the photos and accused M.M. of being "a cop." When Gonzales threatened to physically harm M.M., M.M. told her she was pregnant with Cody Ahrens' baby.

Gonzales and M.A.B. called Ahrens, who showed up at the residence about an hour later with at least one other person, and M.M. continued to be confronted.

After hours of questioning, M.M. was made to get into the back seat of Ahrens' car with his pit bull. Ahrens and Gonzales then drove M.M. to a remote spot in Weld County, Colorado.

Ahrens told law enforcement officers that he told M.M. to leave and never go back to Cheyenne, but when he opened the car door to let her out, Gonzales "hopped out and began beating her."

Ahrens said he stopped Gonzales from continuing to assault M.M. and fired three rounds from his 9mm handgun as he and Gonzales drove away. Ahrens said he didn't fire the gun in an effort to strike M.M., he did so as "a warning shot."

A short time later, M.M. flagged down a passing motorist who assisted her in making contact with Colorado law enforcement. The motorist said M.M. was "hysterical" and said she'd just been "kidnapped and shot at by two people."

M.M. spoke with a Weld County Sheriff's deputy, who ended up locating one 9mm shell casing in the area where the shots were fired. It was later determined that the casing was fired from a gun Ahrens had in his possession when Cheyenne police arrested him on Sept. 3.

Ahrens' detention hearing has been scheduled for Dec. 22 at 10:30 a.m. Gonzales' has yet to be set. Both could face 10 years to life in prison if convicted.

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