In March of 2017, a family’s home was damaged after an explosion in the home, because they were making hash oil. Making hash oil is extremely dangerous; that's why insurance companies don't generally cover for that.


You have to wonder- how many folks in Colorado have a policy with Lloyds of London? I think jewels, models legs, maybe a high-end business’ skyscraper. I guess I have a lot to learn about insurance. The Denver Post reports that a Bailey family had a policy with them on their home; a $1.2M policy. Bailey does have a lot of nice houses – a friend of mine lives in that area.

In March, this particular family’s home had a fire after an explosion; several people were burned in the fire, as well as the home being damaged. The family filed a claim with Lloyds of London afterward. It turns out the explosion that started the fire, was started due to hash oil being manufactured within the home. That does seem to be a ‘red flag’ as to whether a claim will be approved or denied.

According to the Post, the family’s policy with Lloyd’s was clear that they don’t cover claims arising from criminal acts or the manufacture of controlled substances, such as hash oil. Llyods did, however, reimburse the family over $1,500 in premiums.

Get the full story from the Denver Post HERE

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