Sure, everybody’s walking out of ‘The Avengers’ talking about Scarly Jo in her leather Black Widow catsuit, but let’s give a little love to Cobie Smulders, aka S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Maria Hill. She may not have the leather, but she is just as hot, and now also a Rock 102.9 Babe of the Day!

Born in Vancouver, BC, Jacoba Smulders (“Cobie” is a nickname, in case you were wondering) originally wanted to be a doctor or a marine biologist. In high school, she discovered two things: one, she had a talent for acting, and two, she was smoking hot. In her teens, she was scouted by a modeling agency and started appearing in a variety of print pieces. She actually didn’t enjoy modeling all that much, just using it as a bridge to acting professionally.

Her first gig was on the Showtime series ‘Jeremiah,’ but she went on to a recurring role on ‘The L Word’ before landing the part of Robin on ‘How I Met Your Mother.’ Unfortunately for all of us crushers, she’s married to ‘Saturday Night Live’ cast member Taran Killam.

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