It could take you ten to fifteen minutes to drive across Grand Junction, but it could take you two hours to drive across cities like Denver or Colorado Springs. It's no secret that the largest numbers of people are on Colorado's Front Range. 

Here in Grand Junction, that's great news for us. Colorado is beautiful in all four corners. While one can't necessarily say that this side of Colorado is better than that side, we can certainly say one side is more crowded than the other.

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Living Shoulder to Shoulder in Denver

Western Colorado makes up 33% of the state and is home to about 10% of the population. None of our highways will ever be anywhere near as busy as the ones around the Denver metro. Thank the lord! The population of Colorado's Front Range is an estimated 5,055,344 residents. So now imagine what rush hour looks like every day.

Which Highway is the Busiest One in Colorado?

With well over two million people in Denver, Adams, Jefferson, and Arapahoe counties, highways like Interstate 25 will always be out in front of the list of Colorado's busiest highways. I-25 actually wins this award in two places:

  • Hampden Ave. to Speer Blvd sees an average of 236,182 cars per day.
  • Lincoln Ave. to SH 285 (Hampden) sees an average of 242,249 cars per day.

See the rest of the Top Ten below and find out more about each location.

Colorado's Quietest Highway

Which highway in Colorado sees the least amount of action? We could probably revisit this question with a look at the 10 loneliest highways in Colorado, but for now, we will tip our cap to U.S. Route 385. This road literally starts a short distance from the U.S./Mexico border and comes all the way up through Colorado.

Colorado's loneliest Highway
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U.S. Route 385 offers 318 miles of Colorado's flattest terrain with a few small towns here and there.

Back to the action. Scroll on for Colorado's 10 busiest highways

These are the Busiest Highways in Colorado

What are the top 10 busiest highways in the state of Colorado? It usually seems like it's whichever one I am driving on. Scroll on to see the Top 10 busiest highways and the volume of traffic moving through these areas on a daily basis.

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