The state of Colorado went from having some of the cheapest gas in the country to some of the most expensive.

This week, gas prices in Colorado hit an all-time high.

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On Tuesday (June 21), the average price for gas in Colorado stood at $4.92, an increase of $0.04 from the week prior.

If you look even further back in time, even back to just last month, and compare the average price of gas in Colorado then to what it is now, you'll want to shake your head... amongst other things.

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In doing so, you'll notice that the average price of gas in the state of Colorado has risen a whopping $0.78 last month alone.

Relief In Sight For Colorado?

Relief might be a bit of a reach, but any decrease in gas prices is surely a good thing.

On Wednesday (June 22), the average price for gas in the state of Colorado stood at approximately $4.91 - a reduction of about a cent from Tuesday's state average gas price of $4.92, and about $0.04 less than the national average price for gas, which stood at about $4.95 as of  Wednesday morning, according to AAA. 

The Cheapest Gas In The State, Northern Colorado

As of Wednesday morning (June 22), the cheapest gas in Colorado could be found at a neighborhood Sam's Club in Thornton, although, multiple gas stations right here in Northern Colorado are offering up some of the cheapest gas you can find in the state.

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The cheapest gas in Colorado can be found right now at the following ten gas stations, according to GasBuddy:

  1. Sam's Club (Thornton) - $4.56 
  2. Costco (Westminster) - $4.56 
  3. Conoco (Fort Collins) - $4.59 
  4. Costco (Superior) - $4.59 
  5. King Soopers (Firestone) - $4.59 
  6. Costco (Thornton) - $4.61
  7. Loaf N' Jug (Estes Park) - $4.63 
  8. Valero (Fort Collins) - $4.64
  9. Costco (Aurora) - $4.65
  10. Loaf N' Jug (Fort Collins) - $4.66 

The average price of gas in Northern Colorado (Fort Collins-Loveland-Greeley area) currently stands at about $4.85, as per the latest gas price data via AAA, so in a way, the prices you see above are almost, dare I say, a steal. 

Regardless, I think there's one thing many of us can agree on... if gas prices remain at this price, or worse - they continue to rise - you won't be seeing me out on the roads for long.

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