Everybody loves a good feel-good story, and a recent one comes from right here in Colorado as a teenage girl with a rare, life-threatening disease was given her own prom by the community.

Colorado Girl Has a Rare, Devastating Disease

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The girl is 13-year-old Amaria Granger of Pueblo, Colorado, and is, unfortunately, battling a rare, life-threatening disease.

The disease is known as Niemann Pick C., a rare, incurable disease that is absolutely devastating to those who are diagnosed with it as well as those close to them. Essentially, the disease attacks the body's metabolism abilities which leads to damage to the host's central nervous system and causes all kinds of problems in things like mobility and brain function, and often leads to an early death.

Amaria has lost her ability to walk and talk because of the disease and her family actually relocated to Colorado in order to try cannabis-related treatments.

Colorado Girl with Rare Disease Gets Her Own Prom

Prom can be a special event for many in their teenage years and, unfortunately, Amaria's disease has prevented her from living a normal life in many ways so a normal prom seemed out of the question for the young girl.

However, in a huge act of kindness, the Pueblo community banded together to throw the 13-year-old girl her own prom with all of the essentials such as a DJ, live music, and snacks. In addition, it should go without saying that Amaria was crowned prom queen.

Amaria's mother spoke at the event and, in addition to thanking everyone that made it possible, said that she hopes that the special prom can continue for years to come and make more students with special needs feel special in the way that Amaria did at her prom.

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