You don't have to go far to find beautiful places in the state of Colorado. Every corner of the state seems to have a photo opportunity that is cooler than the last one you took that all your friends hearted on Instagram.

Which sites are the most popular for great photos in Grand Junction? What about Colorado? If you are looking for Instagram moments you probably don't want them to look exactly the same as everyone else's.

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Colorado's Beautiful Places

The best part about finding Instagram-worthy photo locations is you can't go wrong in Colorado. Does the scene move you or speak to you in some way? Snap that pic. If you love it, others will love it too.

Beautiful places you could start with include communities like Grand Junction, Fruita, Palisade, Rifle, Glenwood Springs, Montrose, Ouray, or Telluride. Once you have photographed all the cool spots in town, the real fun can begin.

Instagram-Worthy Mountain Views

Some of the most Instagram-worth moments you can capture in Colorado are along a roadside, and others you have to go and get. Maybe what makes a photo Insta-worthy is one you had to earn. Photos from places like Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park, or the Grand Mesa Scenic Byway might be a good place to start if hiking up a 14er is not your style. Or maybe rive out to the Lands End Observatory on the Grand Mesa? Tell me every view up there isn't Insta-worthy.

What are Your 12 Most Instagram-Worthy Locations?

Everyone can have a different set of 12 locations. In fact, I would love it if you made a quick list on the station app and sent it in. If you send me your 12 most Insta-worthy photo locations in Colorado on our station app, I will absolutely share it on the radio and give you props.

Check out 12 beautiful places for Insta-worthy photos below, then tell us what to add.

The Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Colorado

If you are having trouble finding a great place to take awesome outdoor photos in the state of Colorado, maybe check and make sure you are not lost in Wyoming. All that is needed in Colorado is to step out your door to find something beautiful to share. Scroll on to check out 13 places you can visit in Colorado that will definitely be worth sharing on Instagram.

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If you are looking for hikes with fantastic views in western Colorado, the Crag Crest National Recreation Trail is one you don't want to miss. A portion of the trail climbs to over 11,100 feet making it one of the highest elevations you can reach in the Grand Valley.

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