Colorado has just as interesting a story to tell as any state in the American West. The state has changed hands several times between Spain, Mexico, The Republic of Texas, and finally as the 38th state we live in today.

Over the tens of thousands of years that humans have been living in Colorado, they settled in thousands of places. There is not a corner of the state without a National or State registered prehistoric site that dates back to the incredible story of those who came before us.

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How Many Prehistoric Sites are In Colorado?

There are probably tens of thousands of sites that are unregistered in Colorado. There may even be sites that are yet to be discovered. Officially, there are around 100 State and Nationally registered Prehistoric sites in Colorado.

Are There Prehistoric Sites Registered in Mesa County?

There are two. Both are near Whitewater, Colorado. The Land's End Aboriginal Site is a state-registered location from the archaic period and Bloomfield Site which dates back to 8999 BC. Incredible!

What is the Oldest Prehistoric Site in Colorado?

The Barger Gulch Locality B is a site that dates back to 14,999 BC. This site is in Grand County near the city of Kremmling. This camp belonged to the early Paleo-Indians and is on the National list of prehistoric sites in America.

These Cool Prehistoric Sites Were Home to Colorado's Earliest Residents

Scroll on to learn about the many places in Colorado that humans called home during the Prehistoric period. Check out this list of the national and state-registered prehistoric sites, along with a few places that stand alone.

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