The global pandemic has forced restaurants around the world to shift how they run day to day operations, and has also caused many to close their doors for good.

As counties around Colorado find themselves back in the level red category for COVID-19, as well as winter on the way, restaurants are again having to adapt, in order to continue serving guests.

To limit the amount of people sitting inside, many bars and restaurants have opted to set up tents and heaters on their outdoor patios, while other places around Colorado have come up with different, creative solutions for outside dining.

The town of Telluride came up with the unique idea to install private dining cabins made from refurbished gondola cars. This allows diners to stay socially distant, while still patronizing the area's bars and restaurants. The town plans to refurbish 20 gondola cabins, complete with tables that can seat up to eight associated people.

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In Steamboat and a couple of other cities, some restaurants have created outdoor dining spaces inside of yurts. Although the yurts are heated, restaurants recommend wearing winter attire while dining inside. These would be perfect for celebrating a special occasion or for family night out.

Fishing tents or clear igloo-like structures are other creative adaptations that restaurants around the state are using to seat guests. Reservations are recommended at places that offer this type of dining.




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My Brother's Bar in Denver claims that their igloos are weather-proof, warm, and feature extreme ventilation.

It will be interesting to see what other ideas restaurants come up with as time goes by. Have you seen any innovative outdoor dining ideas around Colorado?

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