Your odds are 50/50 of eating one that you will not like. Jelly Belly’s ‘Bean Boozled’ jelly beans. Some of the CSU Football players were asked to pair up and take on the challenge; knowing one Ram would be happy, and the other, reaching for the garbage can!

We all, here at the radio station, found out about Bean Boozled jelly beans when Justin Tyler went around and had us try them. Oh, what fun: ‘Why yes, Justin, thank you for letting me eat something that tastes like rotten cheese!’ So, when I heard about some of the CSU Football guys going through it, I had to watch.

Bean Boozled, from Jelly Belly, is a package, where you get 20 jelly beans. 10 great flavors like coconut and strawberry banana smoothie, and 10 identical jelly beans that have the taste of dog food, dead fish, etc. There’s no way of knowing how your jelly bean will actually taste- you only know that it’s 50/50 that it will be the good-tasting flavor of that color’s two options. It’s a game not for those with weak constitutions.

Several of the Rams players were paired up to take on the challenge, including running back Izzy Mathews, punter Hayden Hunt and lineman Fred Zerbus.  Some got lucky. Some did not. Some were strong when they got Bean Boozled, others, wretched. It’s pretty funny to see these strong football players cower at the thought of trying another one!

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