On Wednesday, April 28, Colorado State University made a huge announcement: their Fort Collins and Pueblo campuses will officially require faculty, staff, and students to be vaccinated before returning to school.

This follows news from the Associated Press that Wyoming will not require those on its college campuses to be fully vaccinated, despite giving incentives:

Community college administrators told the Wyoming Tribune Eagle that they're working to provide students and employees with resources to make informed decisions about whether to get the vaccine.

In CSU's press release, they note that campus leadership believes in the science around COVID-19 and the vaccines, and their requirement is in accordance with other vaccine requirements they already have in place for students and staff attending their school.

However, the press release notes that CSU does know that there is some hesitation:

We recognize that people come to this issue from a variety of perspectives, and the exemptions allowed under state and federal law will be fully available to all faculty, staff, and students once the requirement is in place.

However, with the fall semester months away from its start, CSU believes they're giving ample time to those who have not been vaccinated yet to find and schedule theirs before the school year begins.

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