Van Halen‘s extensive tour schedule has given Eddie Van Halen access to his son that most fathers don’t have with their children, and the guitar great says that having Wolfgang on the road has changed the dynamic of their relationship a little bit.


He tells Guitar Center (via Van Halen News Desk), “I don’t see Wolfgang as my son in the band. Every once in a while when we’re playing, I’ll look over at him and be so damn proud. I just get such a proud feeling being on stage with my son. Any other time, he’s just one of the band. He’s that mature. He’s far from a kid. He’s an equal, y’know?”

Van Halen says that having Wolfgang as a bandmate and being his father is not something he’s ever had to worry about. He explains, “Balance is not a challenge. Daddy does not have to oversee his son’s life. He’s not your average bear.”

Eddie says he’s gotten the love for music back, and can’t wait to see where the future takes both him and his son. He adds, “Music, music, music. What is next for Wolf is the next record and the next tour. He’s no different than I am. Music is his life. If he goes back to school, I’ll probably go with him.”

Where the music will take them next is Japan, where the group are starring in a TV special this week and playing some dates in the country.

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