According to a new report, Van Halen guitarist Eddie Van Halen spent three weeks in the hospital following his recent emergency surgery for diverticulitis, and will now need four to six months at home to recover from the procedure.

The Van Halen News Desk, quoting an update from CNN, explains that the long hospital stay was required when — and this gets detailed, put down your breakfasts — “a few popped stitches” resulted in the guitar wizard’s intestines becoming infected. As announced earlier in this week, all of the band’s November 2012 Japanese tour plans are now postponed until an undetermined time in 2013.

It seems singer David Lee Roth is already in the land of the rising sun anyway, as he sent a get-well-soon message to his friend and bandmate from Japan via VHND. Naturally, it comes along with a must-see photograph. We’re no bird experts… are we correct in thinking that’s a hawk over on the right?

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