Most of us have driven or at lease ridden in a bumper car before, right?! Have you ever driven one on ice though? You can do it in Steamboat Springs and it looks like a blast.

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Bumper Cars On Ice

As a kid, whenever we'd go to Elitches, or even Lakeside back in the day, we'd always make sure we hit up the bumper cars. Something about crashing into people you don't know, or maybe did know but didn't like, was an absolute rush. I didn't think that concept could get any better, until today. Did you know there's a place in Colorado where you can drive bumper cars, on ice?

Talk about dressing up an already fun activity. The folks at the Howelsen Ice Complex started this fun "spin" on things and people are loving it. Each ice bumper car session is 20 minutes which gives you plenty of time to spin, slide and crash all over this huge indoor ice skating rink in beautiful Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

As you can see in the video above, these ice bumper cars get some serious speed, and with 20 minutes to spin, slide, and crash, you have plenty of time to cause as much trouble as you please. Or maybe you just spend the entire time running from other cars trying to catch you.

They do take walk-ins but they highly recommend making a reservation prior to making the trip. You must be at least two years old to ride in a bumper car with an adult, and at least five to drive one solo. As long as you can reach and control all of the levers to make the cars move.

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