Fake Drake's proposed $1 million boxing match with real Drake in June fell through, presumably after the OVO head honcho wanted no parts in helping his impersonator gain clout. Now, Capri Sun Papi is saying Drake turned him down and offered to lay the smack down for free instead.

On Thursday (Aug. 25), the We in Miami Podcast aired a snippet of an upcoming episode with Drake's infamous impersonator, who relayed a story about his failed attempt to get Drake to fight him for a milli. According to Fake Drake, who also goes by Izzy, after he made his online proposal, he ran into Aubrey's team in Miami.

"I pulled up to Drake's hotel with my management. Let's just say it wasn't very inviting," the faux Certified Lover Boy recounted. "They just tried coming at us, so I ended up texting him, telling him about the fight and he said he's gonna pull up and slap me for free."

Fake Drake is still trying to hold onto the 15 minutes of fame he obtained from going viral impersonating the the world-famous rap star. The Drake lookalike first caught the attention of the internet last year. Last November, he claimed he was getting $5,000 to appear at parties. A few months later, he claimed yesterday's price was not today's price, boasting $10,000 was his performance fee. Last June, video surfaced that appeared to show Izzy getting kicked out of a club in Drake's home away from home, Houston.

The same month, Fake Drake signed a deal with Celebrity Boxing and called out Drake for a seven-figure fight. "If I win, you gotta sign me to OVO or you gotta give me $1 million," Izzy said in a video addressed at Drake. "If you win, I'll change my name."

Clearly, Drake never took the bait. Now, Izzy has resorted to fighting YouTuber M2Thak on Oct. 15.

See Video of Fake Drake Explaining How Real Drake Responded to His $1 Million Boxing Match Proposal Below

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