It was epic 'Ewwwww...' near the Epic Center on Friday, October 8, 2021, as while the city was trying to fix something, they made a horrible mess.

I've spent many days at Edora Park in Fort Collins; it has Fort Collins' most popular disc golf course, with Spring Creek running along the north side of the park. I've dumped more than a few discs into the 'pond' area,  which is just north of the tennis courts at the park.

'Dump' will be the key word, here.

FOX 31 has the report on how a resident near Edora noticed that there was a 'brown area' - let us stop right there. How often do the term 'Brown Area' ever turn out good? I'd guess never.  So, there's a brown, horrible smelling area, and a pipe dangling and dumping over/into Spring Creek. Gross, right?

Turns out, that the city has a contractor out at Edora working on the sewer main that runs through the park. With this work, they'd set up 'bypass' hoses that lead from one manhole to another to divert the sewage so that work can be done.

It looks like, and smelled like, they didn't have eyes on this particular bypass which left its manhole and flipped up and over, like a water hose, into the pond/creek.

The man had gotten notified about the manhole bypass operation, so he had an idea of what had happened.

City Notification

The city got out there and rectified the situation, not before an estimated 15,000-20,000 gallons had spilled out.

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The city, on Friday, was confident that with the amount of water in that 'pond' and Spring Creek - which does feed into the Cache la Poudre, the spill would be diluted enough; though they did recommend that people and pets avoid the water.

As of Sunday afternoon, the city hadn't updated the information about the 'spill remediation. that they'd posted on Friday.

[Source: FOX31]

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