NoCo's venue in the canyon is kind of a genie in a bottle for local artists, here to help grant your Mish Wish

Now through October 31, the Mishawaka's Mish Initiative is accepting applications for Mish Granted, 'benefacting authentic, badass dreamers by rewarding their creative efforts through an unencumbered grant process.' It's specifically intended for musicians who need a little boost to help them get their creative projects going.

There is a maximum of $1,500 granted per applicant, but up to 20 local bands could be chosen to receive a slice. Whether it's getting new gear, helping finish an album or even making stickers, the Mish can help grant any band's Wish.

See how The Mishawaka helped artists in 2018 here, and if you're interested, you can submit an application to Mish Granted.

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