The Broncos have not had the best of luck the first four weeks of the season, and now I come to find out that it's my brother's fault. Great.

It sure hasn't been easy to watch the Broncos lose the first four games of the season, and it sure wasn't easy to hear that it's my brother's fault.

My brother came over from his place in Fort Collins the other day to help me move to a new apartment in Loveland. He was talking about how long it took him to walk his dog at halftime. During the Jacksonville game, they didn't get back from the walk until well into the third quarter.

Wait. What? He'd been walking the dog DURING the Broncos games? Why would he do that? He knows how superstitious he is about where he is during the games: 'On my couch.'

Bottom line: Steve's been walking the dog during each of the games the Broncos have lost up until now.  Therefore, my brother is to blame for the 0-4 start.

On behalf of my brother, I apologize.

Here's the deal. Steve got his dog, Jessie, after the last season ended. This season is the first one where he has had Jessie. So, it must have slipped his mind to not leave the house during games.

'I won't be doing THAT, anymore...'

So, rest assured, the Broncos will begin winning when they take on the Chargers.

Go, Broncos!

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