The intelligence of a dog is incredible. Add that to a breed of dog with intense drive, focus and a lot of very specialized training and you can have an amazing K9 police sidekick. Fort Collins Police Services has multiple K9s on their team, and four of their newest members just received some really nice body armor.

The Fort Collins Police Services K9s received a donation from Vested Interest in K9s. The donation has provided body armor for Colt, Eleiko, Thor and Bia. These four-legged officers perform both Patrol and Narcotics Detection, according to the FCPS. Vested Interest has "provided over 4,183 vests to K9s in all 50 states at a value of $6.9 million, made possible by both private and corporate donations."

Colt, Thor and Bia are all German Shepherds imported from Hungary. Eleiko is a Dutch Shepherd from Holland. With these four newest additions, there is now a K9 team of seven aiding local officers and giving them some added security.

Wondering how often FCPS deploy their K9s? In 2019 they said the K9s were deployed over 1,000 times.

Dogs have been used in law enforcement since the middle ages, according to Wikipedia. But widespread use of our furry friends really began around 1920 when the first dog training school opened in Greenheide, Germany. The word K9 is a pun on the word canine.

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