Fort Collins Police are warning residents, especially teenagers, to be aware when out and about at public places, such as parks, following three reports of stranger assaults that have occurred recently.

The first incident took place around 9:30 p.m. on August 21, when a teenage girl was walking by herself at Overland Park, in the 2900 block of Virginia Dale Drive. According to the victim, an unknown man approached her from behind and tried to engage in conversation with her. After rebuffing his attempts and continuing to walk, the man grabbed her wrist at which time the girl sprayed him with pepper spray and ran home. She was uninjured in the interaction.

The suspect, in this case, was described as being 20-30 years old, around 6 feet tall, with brown hair, little to no facial hair, and an average build.

Several months later, on October 13, a teenage girl was attending a youth group event in the 1600 block of West Drake Road. Between 7:45 and 8:15 p.m., the girl went out to her vehicle in the parking lot, when a man grabbed her from behind. The female pulled away and started running, but tripped and the man attempted to grab her again. The teen was able to fight the man off and returned back inside the building. The victim suffered minor scrapes and bruises from the altercation.

The man involved in this assault was described as approximately 5’10 tall and was wearing a mask that covered his face, as well as a dark hoodie, and gloves.

The third incident took place around 6:50 p.m. on November 23. A teenage girl was attending a sports team practice at the Edora Pool Ice Center (EPIC) located at 1801 Riverside Avenue, and while jogging outside an unknown man came out from behind a bush and grabbed her wrist. The victim kicked the man and ran back into the building. She was uninjured.

The suspect was possibly in his 20s, around 6 feet tall, with an athletic build, short brown hair, and stubble facial hair.

Police don't currently know if these three assaults are connected, but because of their similarities and the victims involved, they have reason to be concerned. No suspects have been identified, and when officers responded to all three scenes, they were unable to locate anyone matching the descriptions.

Detectives are still investigating these instances. Anyone with information, who has not already spoken to police, is encouraged to contact the Crimes Against Persons Unit at 970-416-2825 or email

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