A woman left the keys in the ignition of her Ford Explorer while it sat in her driveway last week.

I'm not sure if this was intentional or not but I’ve been known to leave my car running while I grab an item from the house.

However, next time I’ll think twice because the Ford Explorer was stolen right out of her Greeley driveway, according to a Greeley Tribune report. The culprits were a bunch of teens, two of which already had a record. The alleged car thieves were born in 2003 and 2005.

Officers saw the car driving abut six hours after it was reported stolen.  When the officer pulled the car over, the driver slowed down near a curb and the three suspects ran away but left the car in drive. It went on to hit a pole causing $1,500 in damages to the vehicle.

The officers found the kids hiding within a block from the traffic stop.

According to the Greeley Tribune, one of the kids was a runaway with two warrants in Larimer County, and the other is facing a restraining order violation and marijuana possession charge. All three boys have been charged with aggravated auto theft.

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