The most important part of conscious shopping is awareness.

We thought, "If it's on the shelf, it can't be really bad for me, right?"

Now, we know that we can trust these companies. We can trust them to do whatever they have to do, including poisoning the population, in order to make a profit. Some may think I'm overblowing that. I don't. I think I may be understating some big companies lack of concern for people's well being, especially if it interferes with their profit margins.

In the 1960's and 70's food science advanced to an unbelievable point. Food companies found that they could make corn syrup look, taste and feel like anything they wanted. Enter a generation of people who no longer really understand how real food tastes. Enter asthma. Enter allergies. Enter diabetes. Enter massive obesity.

My generation and those that come after don't have a good handle on how to shop for really healthy foods.

We thought yogurt was healthy. We thought apple juice was healthy. We thought microwaves were okay.

They aren't, and we need to retrain ourselves to shop consciously, with our health in mind. The video above will show you how to start.

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